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BB Gold Should be 2nd Priority

ShoobeeDooShoobeeDoo Member Posts: 15 Recruit
BB Gold Should be 2nd Priority, Skyvu is paying to much attention to this and I think they should start working more harder on other games. I know that this may be Skyvu's main source of income but they should maybe make another multiplayer game that would throw wads of many at them. (BBF is a really good example but it's to repetitive)


  • Hug2DeathHug2Death Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 6,791 Fabled
    edited October 2013
    Yes yes yes! Update BBF!
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  • GodfiGodfi Member Posts: 1,089 Sergeant
    Well, bbg is the most played game 4 the bb series. I told my freinds from school, and I told them about bbg and bb-1, and etc. They ONLY liked bbg. So I understand y skyvu's working on it a lot.

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  • Hakuna_MatataHakuna_Matata Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,325 Noble
    BBG is their best game. I love it. Keep it up
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  • EngineerZEngineerZ Member Posts: 1,039 Sergeant
    BBG is the best game out there.
    Its even a milestone for phone game related games!
    That and arcane legends but lets be real, BBG is the best game out there!
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  • GuyfromanotherplanetGuyfromanotherplanet Member Posts: 7,758 Fabled
    I honestly don't want to have to wait another 2 years to find out what happens to Oliver, Wil, and the other Battle Bears. Wil's Finest Hour left me hanging on a thin stick at the edge of a cliff. I loved the astounding effort that SkyVu put into the recently released game, and I'd love to see it more often!
  • SP4RKSSP4RKS Banned, Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 7,528 Fabled
    Just because BBG is super famous doesn't mean Sky Vu has to update it every month. People should just learn to be patient with Sky Vu and let them focus on other games.
  • SP4RKSSP4RKS Banned, Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 7,528 Fabled
    Guys, imagine you own your own game franchise. You have multiple games for that franchise but one game stands out, and you constantly update that one game while leaving the others to rot. You not only just wasted a load of money developing those games, but now, some of your fans might leave due to constant ignorance of other games. This would not be good, especially for Sky Vu.
  • MyLittlePwnies123MyLittlePwnies123 Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 7,623 Fabled
    It's like only leveling up one Pokémon in your game. Sure you have a strong Pokémon, but it's also nice to have LOTS of mildly weaker (but once again, there are a lot of them) Pokémon.
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  • RingWekwonRingWekwon Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 7,257 Fabled
    Sadly, SkyVu will continue to works on BBG the hardest, it make most money and most fan base... Forum stop being the main fan base when BBR boom.

    I totally want to see a story-game, this is sad, BBF/BBO isn't as popular as BBG and almost all game before BBR are discontinued.
    But guys, Skyvu PROMISE us more story and more games and even the TV SHOW, they never abandon their story.
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