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Clan Rules and Guidelines

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Clan Rules

1. If a banned member is found to be using any shared clan accounts that account will be banned also.

2. If a clan proves to be too disruptive or breaks the rules consistently then that clan will no longer be welcome on these boards.

3. Any flags found to be motivated by clan policy or talk will be punished!

4. PM any moderator if you feel your clan has been unfairly punished.

5. Clan accounts must be clearly marked just something simple so there is no confusion! (Ex. ADM_CLAN, CLANADM or ADMCLAN)

6. Any clan allowing a banned user onto a shared account will result in all users with access to that account being banned as well.

7. No player poaching! Any clan making the first post to a new user's wall and asking them to join a clan.

8. Only one thread per clan may be dedicated to a war and its results.

Unwelcome Clans
*These clans may NOT have alt accounts or wear tags*
**Unless noted members will NOT be punished**
1. XEN: Disruptive behavior and flagrant disregard for the rules.

If you would like to create a group for your clan, please read our guide found at the link below:

SkyVu Entertainment.
For support, please contact [email protected] about your questions and concerns.


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