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I'm not finding good people in matchmaking

battlebaredbattlebared Member Posts: 1,999 Lieutenant
It usually takes around 1 minuet and 30 seconds to find a match, and yet I get matched up with people around bronze(I'm gold)
can anyone help me?


  • LatroLatro Member Posts: 2,095 War Hero
    I usually have to wait 4-5 minutes, so private matches are obviously less time consuming and not as much of a hassle.
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  • WeekndWeeknd Member Posts: 1,366 Sergeant
    Matchmaking usually talked 4 minutes for me to get into a match. When I do get into a match it's with no diamonds.
  • D4RK_ANG3LD4RK_ANG3L Member Posts: 2,650 Noble
    Your gold then all people you fought are bronze and green are good
    If you encounter that thing then train yourself,you always know their weak so just relax and train or give them a chance to become strong
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