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please make BBR in PC

I Request making bbr in pc so we could play in Computer . please answer SKYVU TEAM!!!

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  • PsychePsyche Posts: 4,200 Exalted
    Accepted Answer
    Not gonna happen anytime soon.
    Chill with the threads, bro. You're making too many in a short time. Read The_Shining_Owlette's guide for new members. It lets you know the basic dos and don'ts of the Forum.


  • 123123 Member Posts: 3,300 Noble
    edited April 2013
    You can play Tf2 in PC
    You've been around for awhile and you're most noble!
  • SharShar Member Posts: 16,033 Fabled
    SkyVu already tried putting one of their games (BB-1) on steam but it was rejected at the last minute. We don't know for sure why.
    It may be possible in the future, but idk how we're going to connect the server from a pc to two types of mobile devices. I've seen MMO's do it (like the company Spacetime) but the pc players would probably have quite the advantage
  • Panter1998Panter1998 Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 14,038 Fabled
    @ScarletNight then perhaps it could be a idea to let PC players only face PC players.
    But sorry, @Adriel100, I think you'll have to wait... Skyvu is too busy (they have a hard job, can't blame them).

    Try to understand their situation. Work on the otherhand, fans on the other...
    I'm sure i'm stating something wrong here xD
  • candyissweetcandyissweet Member, MVP Posts: 4,405 Exalted
    I'm okay if BBR is on PC, but if it gets on Steam, Steam is going to ruin BBR by making every item premium and then you can't friend people unless you have premium.
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