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NOTE: This FAQ/Q&A is written from the point of view of SkyVu, and I personally do not work for them.

Boot Camp


A: BATTLE BEARS GOLD is a funny and addictive class-based online multiplayer action shooter that lets you choose from 8 classes to play as, tons of wacky weapons and equipment to use, and allows you to play against millions of warriors worldwide! It is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

Q: What are the system requirements in order to run BATTLE BEARS GOLD?

A: BATTLE BEARS GOLD requires iPhone/iTouch 4G (A4 chip), and higher in order to run. iOS 5.0 or higher is also required. Any device with an iOS version before that may experience crashes.


Q: My account got wiped! (a.k.a) I lost all of my stuff I earned (a.k.a.) My auto login stopped working and I am logged in as GUEST - WHAT DO I DO?!

A: First, (*breath*) calm down. Your account is still alive and well, and all of your joules and gas are still there. Second, log back in to your old account. You can do this by opening the app and waiting until you get to the main menu. If, while it's loading, it says, "Logging on as Guest" then there's your problem. How to Log Back In To Your Account: From the main menu, click on the options button. Then click on "Log In Or Create An Account" at the bottom of the screen. Next, if you already have an account, make sure you tap the "Use Existing Login" button on the bottom left. Once you do that, you just need to enter your Email and Password and it will log you in. If you forgot your password, just tap the button that says "Forgot Password?"

Q: Can I play on my account on both my Apple and Android devices? (a.k.a) Do Apple and Android users play against each other?

A: Yes. All accounts are stored on a separate server, and can be accessed on any device. This also means that Apple and Android users play against each other.

Q: If I delete the game and re-download later is my account saved?

A: Yes. All accounts are stored on a separate server, and are shared between devices.

Q: Can I use items I purchase on multiple devices?

A: Yes. Since you are using the same account on multiple devices, any items you have purchased on one device can be used on another.

Q: How do guest accounts work?

A: Guest accounts will save all of your purchases and data to a temporary account. This account is permanently upgraded once you add your email and password to it. Guest accounts are ONLY tied to your devices UDID, and cannot be transferred to other devices until they have been upgraded.

Q: What will happen to my BATTLE BEARS account if I download BATTLE BEARS GOLD?

A: If you currently have a BATTLE BEARS account, you'll be able to use that same account for BATTLE BEARS GOLD. Once you log in with that account, all of your progress, items, characters, currency, etc. will be waiting for you. (NOTE: You may have to re-equip all of your items.)


Q: I keep getting disconnected!

A: It is likely your wireless router. Try using your 3G connection (if possible), or a different router. Most home routers only support a limited number of wi-fi connections, so if there are many devices using the wi-fi, you may experience frequent disconnections.

Q: I’m experiencing a lot of lag!

A: Lag is a result of the following factors:

- Server issues
- Other player connection problems
- Local connection issues

You can only directly effect your own connection by attempting to use different routers and networks to see what works best. We highly encourage wi-fi over 3G but your mileage will vary! Closing other open apps, and restarting your device when problems persist also helps.

Q: How much bandwidth will Battle Bears use?

A: On average Battle Bears will use about 522 kBytes per HOUR of play.
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