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Agent Oliver: Issue #1 (my 1st fanfic)

SilenceSilence Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 2,773 Noble
edited March 2013 in Creative
Scene 1: On the Battle Bears spaceship: 5.00 AM
Oliver was training blindfolded with test dummies in the testing arena when Astoria walked in with a grim look on her face. Oliver took off his gear and listened to what she was saying.
'... come over here. We have some news on one of the Huggable factories in Spain.'
Oliver ran to the control room, staring at Astoria's back with hints of lust. Which he lost when he tripped over a ball. Astoria smirked and kept walking. Oliver got up and walked behind Astoria, this time not so stupidly. He went to the CR where he was briefed about his mission by Riggs.
'Ok little guy. You gotta get in, plant these bombs in the middle and get out. Here are the blueprints to the building,' Riggs added. 'i suggest that you break in from the back and go up the elevator shaft, wait till theres no one around you, PTB and then bust out.' Tillman handed Oliver a heavy bomb.
Oliver nervously said 'yeah.... whatever....'
(awkward silence with Wil stuffing Batteritos into his mouth)

Scene 2: Spain: 7:29 AM
Oliver was putting his gear on. He was putting in some ninjas bandages in when Grahams voice rang out. He immediately picked up his Sci-Fi ASR and his backpack which had his swiss knife, the bomb, matches, his walkie-talkie and some bolt cutters and walked into the room, where Riggs dressed him in skydiving gear. Graham opened the door and Oliver gulped when he saw how far the ground was.
'Hurry up boy!' Graham yelled. 'Back in my day we had to jump from the moon!'
Oliver leaned over to Astoria and whispered 'Good luck kiss?'
Astoria rolled her eyes and slapped him. he grinned nervously like a monkey and...
into the sky...
falling at 500 kph
(to be continued in Agent Oliver Issue #2: Going down


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