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A new feature which would be great: Statistics Screen

SilenceSilence Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 2,773 Noble
edited February 2013 in BB GOLD
This is a cool screen which shows you:
How many matches you've played (total)
How many kills you've gotten (total)
How many times you've died (total)
Joules spent (total)
Gas spent (total)
an more...

This would be interesting and cool. So.......
How is it?
Example: image


  • 0_FeliX_00_FeliX_0 Member Posts: 5,469 Fabled
    No one wants to be reminded of their deaths if they have a negative K/D. Also, if they screw around, they would increase their D. I wouldn't include deaths.
  • BearStrainVirusBearStrainVirus Member Posts: 103 Recruit
    Let them brag their hearts out then, they're bound to fall and rupture their brains and powderize their cranium, crack their chins and shave off their tongue, burst their eyeballs and dislocate their neck.
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