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My new secondary idea for Graham: Bear Trap

SilenceSilence Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 2,773 Noble
You know what happens when one of these babies get you? You're about to become the prey of another bear -Description

I have a new weapon idea for Graham. It's the bear trap. It doesn't do any damage, but traps the victim so they can't move. It's picking up/throwing style is like the landmines.

While the victim is trapped, they can still fire weapons or melee, but can't move
This lasts for 8 seconds

Bear trap (Secondary)
Ammo: 3
Time: 8 seconds
Ammo 1: 1
Ammo 2: 3

This would make them easy prey for Grahams with Gamma Ray.
Here is a pic of a real Bears trap (you DON'T WANNA GET BITTEN BY THESE THINGS
So..... How is it?


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